Paying by Direct Debit & Invoice Dates

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All health and fitness programmes that are on a subscription plan where the payment method is Direct Debit is billed in arrears from the joining date. 

To find your all invoices visit:

  1. You will find the date when your invoices are raised which is different from the date the payment is collected from your bank account due to the Direct Debit banking process taking 3 to 7 days to collect payments.

Subscription invoices are raised every 7 days from the initial joining date and the Direct Debit payment is process 3 to 7 days after the invoice date. 

Key points:

  • Direct Debits are not processed by banks on:
    • A weekend 
    • Any bank holiday
  • This will delay your direct debit from been collected and will be processed the following working day. 

When joining and paying weekly by Direct Debit all EMS session credits are supplied in advance of payment due to the direct debit setup process which can take 4 to 10 working days to complete.
This includes:

  1. Setting up the direct debit with your bank account.
  2. Processing and collecting your first payment that is associated to your joining date. 

Example One: (No Bank Holidays or Weekends)

  1. You join on the 1st of June 2023 following a Free Trial
  2. Your first invoice date is the 1st of June 2023 
  3. All future invoices will be raised 7 days there after the joining date such as:
    (Approx. 5 days later than the invoice date to be charged to your bank account) 
    • 8th of June 2023 - 13th of June 2023 Expected charge date
    • 15th of June 2023 -  20th of June 2023 Expected charge date 
    • 22nd of June 2023 - 27th of June 2023 Expected charge date  
    • 29th of June 2023 - 4th of July 2023 Expected charge date  
    • And so on every 7 days

Please Note Expected Direct Debit Collection Delays:

  • All bank holidays and weekends will not process a payment will extend the date your payment is collected. 
    • Easter Bank holiday 
    • 2x May Bank Holidays 
    • August Bank Holiday 
    • Christmas Bank Holidays
    • New Year Bank Holidays 
    • Additional Government Applied Bank Holidays e.g. Coronations, State Funerals, Celebrations, etc 


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